Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Light Parade = Longmont, CO 12/11/2010

Hey All,

We're doing the Holiday Lights Parade tomorrow night. We'll be meeting at 4pm at Bross and Longs Peak in Old Town Longmont. The Parade will begin at 5pm followed by Fireworks. You can get more details at or

Also, we're decorating the Bicycle Longmont trailer at my place beginning at 1pm tomorrow afternoon. My address is 615 Lincoln Street, Longmont We need extra lights so if you have some you'd like to donate we'd appreciate it.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Ride - 2010

Sorry, for the late notice, but, next week is Halloween! So, we're setting up a Halloween RIde starting at 4pm at Roosevelt Park on Saturday October 30th. This will be a costumed ride, and will meander through Old Town and down to the Lefthand Brewery. We'll hang out there for a little while and meander back down town.

Bring your kids. We'll do a short ride at the beginning similar to the "kids" ride held earlier this summer. The kids ride will go from Roosevelt Park to Thompson and back to Roosevelt Park. Then we'll depart Roosevelt again destined for the Lefthand. The ride to Lefthand isn't suitable for super young riders. Just a little warning there!

Should be fun! Decorate your bike, too.

OH! Bring candy.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Say Cheese - for a good cause!

The City of Longmont would like cyclists to show up at 4pm today at the intersection of Martin Street and the St. Vrain Greenway near Best Buy/DSW/Carls Jr etc. For a photo shoot. The photos will be used in the 2011 Bicycle Route map. Join US!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

$60 raised for the Bicycle Longmont Holiday Bike Program

Lastweek was the last Bike NIght. For the fourth time in as many years the after-ride party was held at Abondanza's downtown. We had a great turnout despite the rain. There were close to 30 something, 30 somethings there. Bob Goff, owner of downtown's best pizzeria, donated $60 to the Bicycle Longmont Holiday Bike Program. You can learn more about that program by going to Bicycle Longmont's hompage.

Our biggest supporter has been Pete at Acme Bikes. Pete's been there since the begining - 8 years ago. Pete knows his bikes and once again stepped up with the schwag. Lots of people left the after-ride with some new things, and a few left saying to themselves "Rats. Next year, I'll get me some of that free stuff!" So if there is anything you need I encourage you to check it out with Pete first. Acme is located behind Aunt Alice's Kitchen, near Natural Grocers, BY Vitamin Cottage. (You have the vision of that freaky chica from the commercial, don't you, It's OK).

Eventhough the weekly rides ended there are a couple of rides to look forward to. We will again dawn our costumes and have a Bike Night ride the afternoon of October 30th. This is the same day as the Longmont Halloween Parade. We will meet at 4pm that Saturday at Roosevelt Park. Bring candy and we'll see who we can pelt along the way.

Should be a lot fun. BIke Night will also be representing all that is good and right in the world during the Holiday Parade, too. More to come on that in the medium distant future.

For now, Bike Night may have ended but that doesn't mean you should hang that cruiser on the wall. Keep riding, and remember!

Ride Wednesdays!

Your friendly neighborhood cruiser coordinator!

See you in a few weeks.


Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Last Bike Night - Tomorrow 9/8/2010

Tomorrow night will be the last Bike Night for the 2010 season. We'll be back next year for another great season of cruising Longmont. This year has been an outstanding year. Lots of new people tried Bike Night, many folks returned after a few years hiatus and then there are the regulars riding every week rain or shine. Together you all made Bike Night's 8th season the best yet!

Tomorrow night we'll have schwag! Acme Bikes stepped up for another great 8th season. Acme has been there from the start and continues their support! Acme donated several t-shirts, a ringer, and what I'm sure will become highly sought after merchandise - a frog and alligator squeakers! If you like Kelly's parrot or Jennifer's sumo wrestler (or Rastler for you Iowans) you'll love these squeakers.

Perky's donated 5 gift certificates for free lattes. Mmmmm caffeinated (or not) goodness.... Visit Perky's when you have a chance and give Neil some love. I learned tonight they make most of their pastries on site along with their organic Ice Cream.... yum.

This year we set a record for the most people ever on a Bike Night ride. The highest turn out was 110 people in early June. The average number of riders dropped from a whopping 73 in June to a record 55 through the season. Still those are some excellent numbers.

RIDE Details:
We will meet at 6:30 as usual at Roosevelt Park then ride through Old Town in our Hawaiian shirts, up to Sunset Hill then back to Abondanza's for pizza and beverages. We will hold a raffle for the schwag, then.

Please pass the word and let all your friends know about the last ride.


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

70's & 80's and the Greenway

Happy Tuesday!

I hope everyone had a great day. Tomorrow night is Bike Night! We'll be riding from Roosevelt Park to Rogers Grove. There will be a stop at Lefthand Brewery on the way back to Old Town. We won't make it all the way out to Golden Ponds this time. Maybe next year, Right?

Anyway the theme for tomorrow night is 70's & 80's. So grab your favorite polo and big handled comb and come ride with us!

Next week, September 8th will be the final Bike Night of 2010 season! Tell your friends and neighbors. Lets try and boost the ride to over 100 again.

See you all tomorrow.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Bike Night Article: Longmont Ledger

The Longmont Ledger wrote a great article on Bike NIght. Look for it in the Ledger available on Sunday in either the Post or Daily Camera, and on stands around town. I know there is a stand at 5th & Main. The Ledger is a free publication. Check it out. The article can also be found by following this link:

Have a great weekend and we'll see you on Wednesday

Monday, August 23, 2010

Trippin' Old Town this week!

Hey All,

Thanks and a big SAH-lute to those who made the trek to Oskar Blues Brewery/Tastey Weasel. We had a great time and about 39 people made the ride a blast! If you're tracking your miles and you made it the whole way our route was approximately 13 miles. So give yourself a pat on the back!

This week we'll be bringing it back to Old Town. The theme this week is Plaid. Any show-tune types might want to do "Forever Plaid". Anyway We're bringing the plaid to Old Town.

Come out and join us. There are only two more rides after Wednesday. (That's 3 total including Wednesday). Next week we'll venture to the Lefthand one last time and then wrap things up the following Wednesday with a feast of Pizza somewhere. If you know cool employers looking to give away schwag - let me know. We have two less bike shops so I'm expecting things to be slimmer this year.

So, see you Wednesday at 6:30pm, @ Roosevelt and we'll Ride.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Saturday Night Dinner Cruise - August 21st

I've mentioned this a few times at our regular Bike Night rides and tomorrow night is the big dinner cruise. This might be a good time to get a babysitter, detach the trailer and go for a ride. Here' s the schedule.

Meet at Roosevelt around 4pm on Saturday August 21st. Ride to the Lefthand Brewery for a happy hour then set sail for the Rib House in Prospect.

We'll leave Lefthand about 5:30pm and ride to The Rib House. We should be there by 6pm.

Following the Rib House we'll find dessert somewhere along the way back to Old Town/Downtown Longmont.

RSVP via "like" on the Facebook page or leave a comment here.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Some Like it HOT

Tonight, it's gonna be HOT, and not entirely in a good way!

Bring water for yourself. If you're bringing your kiddo bring water and a snack for them. Oskar Blues Brewery at Pike & Sunset does not sell food or kid friendly beverages, except Root Beer - which is pretty good.


Tonight's ride will be longer almost 10 miles, think hard about whether or not your wee-one can put down 10 miles at 94 degrees. If not, you can look forward to next week! We'll be in Old Town doing our regular ride.

PS No 7pm wave tonight.

Take Care - bring water.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tastey Weasel - Wednesday (tomorrow)

Tomorrow we'll ride to the Tastey Weasel on Pike Road and Sunset Street. This will be a longer ride - lights would be a good idea. This may not be a good ride for young kids.

Riding to the Tastey Weasel will require riding on several busy streets. Our route will take us from Roosevelt Park to the St. Vrain Greenway via 6th Avenue and Martin Street, south to the Greenway. We'll connect to Lefthand Greenway and take that all the way to Sunset Street through Kanemoto Park and Creekside Park.

Our return route will bring us through Southmoor Park to Bowen Street and back to the St. Vrain Greenway.

We had a great turn out lastweek. Thanks for making the kids ride a success.

Finally, I hope all the kids who participated in Bike Night this summer have a safe trip to school tomorrow! Be safe!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kids Ride Success!

Lastnight's second annual Fleming Kids Night was a success. Many took part who otherwise might have been in trailers, tag-a-longs, trail-a-bikes or tandems. The start of the kids ride confused some riders who showed up at the regular spot. Sorry. Everything worked itself out in the end.

After the kids took their turn roaming the streets the adults and older kids took off around Old Town. We rode the usual route through the Westside to the Eastside. Stops were shorter due to the later start time. In all it was a beautiful night in Old Town. The heat broke in time for the ride.

Next week we'll take on the St. Vrain and Lefthand Greenway's as we ride out to the Tastey Weasel. Lights are advisable for this ride. Our theme will be Redneck Cruiser Ride - so have fun with that!

Thanks to everyone who took the School House Rock theme on lastnight!

Monday, August 09, 2010

August 11 - Old Town Cruise & Kids Night at Roosevelt Park - Theme - Schoolhouse Rock

Greetings, All!

Wednesday we'll have the second annual Fleming Kids Bike Night at Roosevelt Park. Last year this was a huge success and everyone had a great time! Come around 6p with a picnic (optional). We'll meet inside the biking and walking path loop near the playground and rose gardens. This Bike Night is geared toward those Bike Nighter's who have had to ride out the season on tag-alongs, trail-a-bikes, their own 2wheelers, or in trailers.

Our theme will be School House Rock - in honor of all those kiddos going back to school next week.

There will be a cruiser ride at the regular time around Old Town for those folks without kids or those wishing to go for a ride without their kids. Rob (aka the Music Man) will lead this ride. Just before the grown-ups take off we'll have a Kids mini-cruise from Roosevelt Park to Thompson Park down Bross Street and back on Pratt Street. The Kids ride will end at the playground at Roosevelt Park.

Kids can bring tricycles, bikes, scooters or even skateboards or whatever they'd like to ride, kick, coast or glide on for the ride.

Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Bike Night is ON!

Rain or shine! Let's hope for shine!

Old Town in the News

Check out the Times Call today! Neighbors in Old Town on Sherman and Grant Streets (Between 3rd and 6th Avenue) have decorated their common alley. Their home made mosaics were hung on their garages - pretty cool. Here's the link:

We'll check it out tonight on our way north to Perky's - don't forget your grunge attire!


Sunday, August 01, 2010

GRUNGE Ride -Wednesday

Happy Sunday everyone -

I hope your weekend is going well. Wednesday we'll have our first theme ride. We're going back to '90's when the Seattle was known for grunge and coffee. So dig out your flannel and/or your starbucks attire and we'll see you Wednesday. I heard the weather may cooperate with cooler temps, too!

In the meantime I've posted some photos from lastweek's ride. We had approximately 52 -55 people on the ride lastweek. If you haven't made it out for a ride do so this week.

See you Wednesday!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Old Town Tonight & Future Rides

We'll be cruising the streets of Old Town again tonight and will venture north next week. I've been doing some planning and here are the rides and, ready for this, "themes" for the remaining rides!

August 4 - Next week - We'll venture north to Perky's Coffee (formerly Snow Mtn. Creamery) - the theme will be "Grunge" so dawn your best Pearl Jam T-shirt and tapp into your teenage angst.
August 11 - Old Town Cruise & Kids Night at Roosevelt Park - Theme - Schoolhouse Rock
August 18 - Tastey Weasel - Pike Rd & Sunset Street - Theme - Redneck/White Trash
August 25th - Old Town Cruise - Theme Plaid
September 1st - Last official Greenway Ride - Left Hand Brewery - Theme - 70's & 80's
September 8th - Last BN - Old Town Cruise - Bike Night Celebration - Location TBA

Special Rides - Saturday, August 21st, Meet at Roosevelt Park for a Dinner Cruise @ 4pm.
Ride from Roosevelt Park to Lefthand Brewery for Happy Hour
Lefthand Greenway to Prospect and the Rib House for Dinner
Prospect - Ice Cream place for Dessert.
Back to Old Town and the Patio at the Dickens Tavern or the Roof at 7West for an after dinner bump.

August 29th - Bicycle Longmont - Day at the Rockies - Check out the Bicycle Longmont Page at

See you tonight!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Check this!

I ran across this link while trolling the website. The link is Kenny is riding his bike across the US - a single speed cruiser, btw. Donations to Kenny Do It will be used to raise awareness and support for better school lunches across our nation and for cancer research. Kenny was inspired by the need for preventative health care and to support/promote healthier lifestyles.

Sound familiar? That movement is what Bike Night is about too. Getting out, meeting your neighbors and pedaling around Longmont. A little exercise can go a long way.

So check out Kenny's website and see if he makes it to DC!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Great Night Lastnight - 60 riders rode into the sunset!

Here are a few photos from lastnight. Next week we'll keep with the Old Town cruising. Also - don't forget movies in the park at Thompson Park on Saturday - Fantastic Mr. Fox - AND the ColoRODans Car Show at Roosevelt on Sunday!

Have a great week!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wednesday - Old Town Ride

Tomorrow night we'll keep it local and stay within Old Town. We will meander from Roosevelt Park to the Sunset Overlook, take a 5 - 10 minute break and then cruise the long downhill to the Historic Eastside. Our stopping point has changed. We will now be stopping in the parking lot between 4th & 5th on Kimbark Street (behind The Great Frame Up).

Ha Det!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Strung out on the Greenway.

Lastnight about 50 people rode the greenway with us. We had a pretty good time, I think. Unfortunately your leader had to much coffee earlier in the day which translated into a lot o'spunk on the ride. As a result of my inappropriately applied spunk-itude, riders were strung out and atleast 3 groups formed and a couple of kids were separated from their parents. I apologize for this.

As a ride leader i'll do a better job of slowing the group down and letting folks get caught up. Also - from now on the rides will end in the parking lot located between 4th & 5th on Kimbark Street immediately behind the Great Frame Up. It's not an ideal ending point but atleast it's public property, unlike the gas station at 6th & Main Street.

Bike Night was booted from the gas station so boycott the gas station at 6th & Main.

Thanks to Rob for supplying the music lastnight and for hosting the 7pm wave. Next week we will return to Old Town and our usual route. Spread the word.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wednesday Night Ride and your Old Town Social Calendar

Tomorrow night we'll take to the Greenway again. I ran the length between Price Street and Golden Ponds and am pleased to report the greenway is open for business. On the return route folks can stop at Lefthand - if you plan to do so bring water or juice for the kiddos. The lefthand offers Izzes and water but that's it.

I'll take those wishing to continue, back to Old Town.

Social Calendar!
Tonight: the Concert in the Park series continues at Roosevelt Park
Tomorrow: Bike Night is on - We'll take to the Greenway out to Golden Ponds and back along the Greenway - Unless anyone has a better option - Bring water or juice for the kiddos. It's gonna be hot.
Thursday Night: The Fourth Avenue Concert series continues in Downtown Longmont
Friday: Rest and Recovery
Saturday: Movies in the Park - The Longmont Film Society plays movies at Thompson Park at dusk - cost is free
Sunday: I heard the Jazz Festival will be playing at Roosevelt Park
Wooo - then we're back to Monday....

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

100 People on a Rainy BIKE NIGHT!

91 did something else, which left about 9 of us on the streets tonight.

We had a great time chatting and splashing through the puddles. I hope everyone had a good evening and we'll see you next week. Same time, same place.

Rain or Shine - Bike Night is ON!

Tonight we'll recreate the ride lead by Randy, last week. We'll meet at the regular time. Don't forget about the 7pm wave too!

Tonight we'll drop down to the Greenway head west to Fairgrounds Lake, then back east to the new Martin Street extension. Should be fun. We'll end at 5th & Kimbark.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wednesday first trip to the Greenway.

Tomorrow night Randy Burgess will lead Bike Night to the Greenway. If you've wondered how to bike to the farmers market or to Lefthand Brewery this will be a good ride for you.The ride will meet at the regular place and time, 6:30 & 7Ish @ Roosevelt Park in lovely Old Town Longmont.

So long from sunny Northern Minnesota. See you next week.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's Cooler than Cool?


Tonight was a cool ride around Longmont with 100 or so super cool people.

We threw a little curve ball by doing the ride backward. First we went east and then west. We tried out a new ending point which, I don't think worked out so well. As you might have heard Bike Night was booted from the Gas 4 Less parking lot, oh well. Next week the starting point will be the same and the ending point will be the parking lot on Kimbark between 4th & 5th Avenues.

Randy will be the ride leader and you'll get to stretch your legs on the greenway! Rob will lead the 7pm wave. Tonight we had approximately 100+/- riders.

The 7pm wave had 4-6 folks. That's a solid start. Especially considering the first Bike Night had only that many. So, it's up to everyone to pass the word and get those folks who wold like to ride later to show up for the 7pm wave.

Tonight we had several first timers too. These folks are pictured above!

Thanks all for helping to make Bike Night - super cool!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bike Night tomorrow - Quick Update

Bike Night's regular ride will start at 6:30p as usual. We'll also begin a 7pm wave for those folks needing a little more time to get to Roosevelt Park. One important thing about the 7pm wave - You will need headlights. Not mandatory tomorrow night - But, from the next ride on you will need lights. The 7pm wave will ride longer routes and will most likely conclude after dark. So dress appropriately bring a light and get ready to have some fun!


Monday, June 21, 2010


It was great to get out tonight after a productive Bicycle Longmont meeting, there were lots of friendly people on the greenway. Looks like it will be drying out nicely. I heard a rumor that the traffic signal at 3rd and Martin will be operational soon. All this means we'll be riding the greenway very soon.

We've grown a lot over the past month and with that we've been booted from our normal ending place at 6th and Main Street. So I guess Wednesday we'll have a surprise ending for you. Nothing like a summer cliffhanger. Speaking of high places I heard a rumor 7 West will be opening their roof deck tomorrow......

Also; Don't forget Wednesday is 1) Bike to Work Day 2) Ride your bike to work, 3) It' s Bike Night and 4) We have two different rides leaving from Roosevelt Park. The first wave leaves at the usual time 6:30ish. The second wave leaves around 7pm. Each ride will rome the streets of Old Town and we're going to try and br...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Beautiful night for cruising and meeting new friends.

Unofficial tallies have the participation at 92 tonight. I think people had a good time. We mixed up the ride a little. Might not have noticed that, though. I think the folks at Martinis were a little annoyed but, that's OK.

I'm looking forward to the new ride starting next week. Rob Zabrecky will be leading a 7:00 PM wave that will leave from Roosevelt Park. This ride is geared toward those folks who work out of town and
have a difficult time getting back for the 6:30 ride.

We will continue to have the first ride leave between 6:30 and 6:40. No worries there. I hope the new time will bring more people out and will help make Bike Night even better. Spread the word and let your friends know they can join in at 7pm.

Thanks, Rob.


Thursday, June 10, 2010


We did it again. Bike Night went over 100 for the second week in a row. That puts the three week average at 95!

Besides the large turnout lastnight it was exciting to see so many first time riders. I asked how many folks were riding for the first time, about 20 raised their hand. It was really wonderful to see so many new faces giving Bike Night a go. Thanks!

Bike Night has really grown over the past two years. A good turn out used to be 15 or 20, now we're attracting upwards to 110. Incredible. I think that goes to the word of mouth of riders. You guys are out there talking to eachother and to other people who might be interested in trying it out.

Last year a core group of riders formed around Bike NIght and like any grass roots activity it's the actions of that small group that help attract new people. I'd like to thank Rob, Dave, Carl, Randy, Libby, Tiffany and Wes, and of course Kelly. You guys have done a great job of helping out and building Bike Night. Thanks.

Change is inevitable and with that we'll be announcing something exciting next week at the ride. (June 23). I really want to tell you now, but we haven't got all the details worked out just yet. So stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

How 'bout that rain tonight?

Wow, Can Face sing! We got over to Roosevelt Park tonight to catch a little Face time with Longmont's own FACE. Folks around me were thinking Face could be the next boy band. However, I think most of them are over the cutoff for "boy" status, so I guess they might be the first "man band". If there is such a category. Well Face warmed up and began their set and then so did the heavens. Yep it rained. The diehard's stayed behind while the rest of us fair weather fans headed off to warmer, drier places.

Speaking of rain...

Tomorrow we RIDE! Rain or Shine... Will we hit a hundred again? Who knows but I do know that we will meet at 6:30 pm at Roosevelt Park. Allow a little more time for waivers etc. Otherwise see you all tomorrow night!

The photo above is of our very first Bike Night! The picture used for the Bike Night header is last week! Spread the word.


Wednesday, June 02, 2010

107 Riders! Uff Da

So now we know what Old Town would be like if a hundred and seven riders took part in a cruiser ride. There were a lot of people tonight. I hope everyone had a lot of fun and were respectful of one another and to other users on the streets. The kids class prior to the ride tonight was a blast too. We had about 15 or so kids take part. During class kids learned to point in the direction they plan to ride. Handle their bikes better, and to be aware of other riders.

In all we had a good time. I think in future rides we'll jetison the return trip through Roosevelt park. To many folks on a narrow path can be problematic.

Take Care,
See you next week!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Excellent turnout lastnight!

Hey All!

We had an excellent turn out for our first Bike Night of the 2010 season. Lastnight we had the most people ever on a ride. Unofficial counts put the crowd somewhere between 65 and 70 people. An excellent turnout by any measure, for sure. I hope you will continue to spread the word and bring more folks over the summer.

Next week there will be a kids' session at Central Elementary School. The mini-class will go over bike handling skills and how to ride in a group. This should be fun for everyone. The class starts at 4:30 and will end around 6pm. This should give folks enough time to grab a snack and meet up for Bike Night at Roosevelt Park.

Take care and ride safely!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bike Night is back TOMORROW NIGHT!

Greetings Everyone!

Tomorrow’s our first Bike Night for the 2010 season!

I’m sending out this note to encourage you to show up a bit early - like maybe 10 minutes.

So far we have approximately 40 individuals and possibly 60 signed up for our first ride. The reason I’m encouraging you to show up a little early is to fill out an insurance form that is new for Bike Night and to limit the mayhem.

Over the winter, Bike Night joined forces with Bicycle Longmont, and, as a bonus, Bike Night is now covered by Bicycle Longmont’s event insurance. Like any insurance there is a form to fill out. The form is brief and necessary to cover you in case something bad happens on the ride. There is room on the form for your kid(s) too.
If filling out forms isn’t your thing, you can join Bicycle Longmont for $25. This membership gets you a membership to Bicycle Longmont and to the League of American Bicyclists. Once you’re a member you will only have to fill out the insurance form once all season. The membership to the League gets you information about everything cycling and you get two magazine subscriptions, first to Bicycling Magazine and the second, to the League’s magazine - American Cyclist.

You do not have to join Bicycle Longmont or fill out the insurance form to participate and enjoy Bike Night, however I encourage you to fill out the insurance form. Non-members of Bicycle Longmont will need to fill out an insurance form prior to each ride. The insurance covers you in case something bad happens to you, your kid(s) or in case you or your kid(s) cause something bad to happen to someone else. If you choose to ride without the insurance you will be on your own if something happens to you, your kid(s) or, you or your kid(s)cause something bad to happen to someone else.

We’ve been really lucky nothing bad has happened during Bike Night, but as the group grows larger the risk grows too, so it seemed necessary to get event insurance. I hope people aren’t discouraged from riding with us. The insurance is free, you just need to fill out the form prior to each ride, or become a member of Bicycle Longmont ($25) and fill the form out just once.

Buzz will be on hand to answer questions about Bicycle Longmont memberships.

While we’re on the topic of safety – PLEASE, impress upon your kid(s) that this ride is not a race and they should stay within ear shot or within eyesight of you.

Despite this rather formal message Bike Night is an informal ride around Old Town and occaisionally, the greenway!

This is going to be a great season of cycling in Longmont – We will have some announcements of upcoming rides tomorrow night!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bike Night is Back! May 26th, 6:30 PM Roosevelt Park


MAY 26, will be the First Bike Night for 2010. May 26, will kick off the 7th year of Bike Night. Dig it.

June 2nd - Will be the date for the Kids Bike Safety Class. The Class will be held PRIOR to the regular Bike Night ride. Time: 4:30 - 6pm. We're still working on a venue. At this point it looks like it might be Central Elementary in Old Town across from Thompson Park or, New Creation Church's parking lot across from Roosevelt. We need to connect with Central and New Creation. Anyone a member of New Creation? If so, shoot me a message. Thx - More later.

Also, check out our latest article/feature in Longmont Magazine!

See you out there!