Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wednesday - Princesses Bike to Work!

Ok, not really. Unless you want to ride to work in a ball gown, then by all means Bike to Work like the Princess you are!

Tomorrow is the 2012 Colorado Bike to Work Day and it also happens to be Bike Night, too! Bicycle Longmont and the City of Longmont have done a stellar job lining up a total of SEVENTEEN! (17) stations for your cruising pleasure!

The list includes 13 breakfast stations and 4 after-work stations. Tomorrow morning you will get anything from pancakes (Civic Center, 350 Kimbark Street) to Santiago's Breakfast Burritos (Twin Peaks Mall, (near the RTD Park N' Ride at the SW corner of Twin Peaks Mall), the YMCA (9th & Lashley), Johnston Chiropractic (Mtn. View & Hover Road), and Ace Hardware (17th & Main Street)! Panera Bread is donating bagels to all 13 stations as well. Great Harvest will provide bread slices and other goodies at the Longmont Musuem, too! In addition to these fine foods, you'll find a variety of fruit, Lara Bars, biking information, and drinks.

1. Flight Deck @ the Airport off Airport Road
2. Vics Coffee @ Nelson & Airport Road
3. Mr. Bean - Coffee Shop near 17th & Hover
4. Johnston Chiropractic at Mountain View & Hover - Breakfast Burritos
5. Longmont United Hospital
6. Twin Peaks Mall - Breakfast will be near Dillards in the SW corner
of the parking lot - Hot Breakfast - Breakfast Burritos
7. Ace Hardware - 17th & Main Street
8. Civic Center - 350 Kimbark Downtown - Hot Breakfast - Pancakes
9. Java Stop - 3rd & Main Street
10. Starbucks at 17th & Pace
11. YMCA at 9th & Lashley - Hot Breakfast - Breakfast Burritos
12. Red Frog at Harvest Junction - Ken Pratt Boulevard
& Main Street
13. Longmont Museum - Quail Road

For your post-work ride we've got you covered. Oskar Blues Brewery will host riders at both the Homemade Liquids & Solids location (Hover & the Diagonal) as well as the Tasty Weasel. Riders will enjoy $2 pints at HMLS and the first 50 to the Tasty Weasel will get Water Bottles and stickers!

Lefthand Brewery's Tasting Room will specials for Cyclists, too!

Menchies, Longmont's newest Yogurt shop will have special deals to cool you down, too!

Following the Bike to Work day festivities run home and grab your cruiser and join us for a fun trip around Old Town. We'll meet at Roosevelt Park at 6:30pm and cruise the streets, Art Alley and the Historic Eastside Neighborhood.

Fourth of July there will be a Bike Night - however, we will need a ride leader for this ride!

I will be in Hawley Minnesota for that week.

Enjoy the day, stay cool and get ready for Bike to Work Day and Bike Night, tomorrow!

Monday, June 18, 2012

G’knight Ride Wrap Up – & - Bike Night Brings the Jammies!

Well here we are on the other side of another great G’Knight Ride. I’m sitting here eating my lunch and thinking about the fun and excitement that led up to the best damn cruiser fest in Northern Colorado

I really love the Monday after the event. This is the time where people get to ask their co-workers, “What did you do this weekend?”  I just know every G’Knight rider smiled & said, “Well…. Let me tell ya!”

So I’m askin’? Leave a comment below and tell everyone your favorite part.

I think mine was seeing everything coming together, transforming Prospect Park into “party central”.  Raising the big screen and seeing all the smiling faces shining back. Having a beer grooving to the Samples, rockin’ to Runnin’ with Scissors. Maybe it was rollin’ through Longmont’s coolest neighborhoods, seeing neighbors in lawn chairs watching the parade, or seeing lil’ kids selling Lemonade. Or maybe being just one of the masses at The Tasty Weasel & Lefthand Brewery. Of course there was 5th & Main, too. Mmmmm. Donuts.
Anyway you look at it, the G’Knight Ride is fast becoming a hallmark event in Longmont!

Photo Courtesy Century Cycles - Cleveland
As we close the chapter on the G’Knight Rdie and begin reading people’s G’Knight stories, we get to start looking toward Longmont’s weekly cruiser ride – BIKE NIGHT!  It’s coming up fast.

This Wednesday we’ll do a destination ride – Old Town to Oskar Blues’ Tasty Weasel. As you might recall, Wednesdays in June are “Ride Wednesday’s” which means when you buy a beer at either the Tasty Weasel or Lefthand Tap House, show them your helmet and Bicycle Longmont will get a buck!


You may be wondering what the theme is, well being that this is our Solstice Ride – you’ll be out late, so jump in your jammies and ride to Roosevelt. Our route this week will take in a little Old Town, then make the trek to the Tasty Weasel.

For those folks not wanting to ride all the way to the Tasty Weasel, we’ll have a bail out as we pass Roosevelt a second time on our way ‘round the neighborhood. See the map for the route. 

Photo Courtesy Century Cycles - Cleveland OH
As always we’ll meet at 6:30PM in front of the Senior Center. This is also the week where we typically start at 7pm. To honor that commitment we will pass through the park again at 7:15ish. This will be great for those wanting to start at 7pm.

So bring your jammies, I’ll bring the jams, and we’ll all rock to the Weasel.