Sunday, February 26, 2012

You (and your bike) Belong in Longmont

Bicycle Longmont's goal is to get more riders of all ages on their bikes.

In 2011, Bicycle Longmont drew moe than 8,250 cyclists to rides and events across Longmont. We more than tripled the number of rides last season over 2010, providing more than 160 opportunities to more than 2,500 riders. Our BIcycle Valet service parked more than 3,092 bikes at the Farmers Market and at events such as the Downtown Summer Concert Series and Rhythm on the River.

The successes are directly related to our volunteers' hard work. Last month, Bicycle Longmont recognized Pati Pascoe Walker as our Volunteer of the Year, Patrick Rhodes, as our Volunteer of the Year under 18. We recognized Nick Moore as our Ride Leader of the Year and former board member Jerry Sequin for his years of service to Bicycle Longmont.

Bicycle Longmont also recognized Oskar Blues Brewery as our corporate sponsor of the year. Without their support we couldn't have delivered the G'Knight Ride, which drew more than 1,200 participants. Without the G'Knight Ride we wouldn't have raised the money necessary to deliver our high-value, low-cost, family-friendly programming in 2011.

We, along with our volunteers, look forward to working with Oskar Blues and the Longmont community on all of the exciting opportunities ahead. From the Second Annual Bicycle Film Festival on April 17, Bike Night on May 23, the G'Knight Ride on June 16 to all our summertime volunteer-led rides, Bicycle Longmont will make you believe "You (and your bike) belong in Longmont."

Registration is open for our second Annual G'Knight Ride. For more information about becoming a sponsor, about the event and to register, you can go to gknightride,org.



Bicycle Longmont

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Flashy, Hip & Deviant! -

Tomorrow night is the 3 year anniversary of the Tasty Weasel AND the launch of the new 16oz Deviant Dales! Ride along with us as we take a Deviant Tour of Longmont's Craft Breweries. We'll start tomorrow night February 24th, at 6pm at the Pumpzone at 6th & Main in Downtown Longmont, we'll roll down to Lefthand between 6:30 & 7p and arrive at our final destination Oskar Blues Brewery's Tasty Weasel around 7:30pm for the Deviant Dales launch!

Come join us tomorrow night!


Friday, February 17, 2012

Big Anouncement: Bicycle Longmont to host 2nd Bicycle Film Festival!

It's back for another year, the Bicycle Longmont Film Festival. The Film Fest rolls into the Dickens Opera House on April 17th -19th. We're going big this year. We listened to what you told us and we're bringing back Mountain Biking, Riders, & Rock & Roll.

We have a great line up for you this year. On Tuesday night April 17th we'll kick it off with Race Across the Sky, Wednesday we'll leave the world a little better than we found it by learning how Bikes CAN change the world. We're showing "With My Own Two Wheels" We're working to get a panel discussion set up for this show and hopefully will find a High School to show it during the day. Thursday is the grand finale. We'll have Pedal Driven, a panel discussing the politics of trail building, and some kickass rock with Runnin' with Scissors to end the night!

All shows will begin at 7pm. As always we'll have some awesome stuff to give away.

Stay tuned, we'll let you know when tickets will go on sale and schwag & stuff & things!


Monday, February 13, 2012

Those in the "know", know.

So G'Knight registration opened a few weeks ago for those "G'Knighter's who were in the know". This week (following Valentines Day) we will start advertising to the masses and will increase the registration accordingly. So, if you've got a sweetie, who would really like to do something fun on Father's Day weekend, a G'Knight Ride registration would be PERFECT!

Or say, you're a bit manipulative and want to 'engineer' a fun Father's Day weekend - that DOES NOT include golf - (not that there's anything wrong with Golf) you could grab a family registration and promise him, bikes, beer, & rock n' roll.

Why register early? Because it costs less, and we love people w
ho register early. Early registrations help us woo new sponsors by giving them HUGE numbers. We will have some awesome G'Knight announcements coming soon.

You can register by going here

Speaking of announcements we'll have a couple on Thursday - 2/16/2012. Yep, once again this year Thursdays will be our big announcement days.

Look forward to that, 'kay?


Sunday, February 05, 2012

Bike Night: Who's too sexy?

Well, maybe not Scott or myself but, considering 2012 is the supposed apocalypse, come check out the G'Knight Ride guys doing our turns on the catwalk. Scott Conlin and myself were asked to take our turns while we get in touch with our inner outfitter. So come on over to the Cayenne Kitchen on Friday, February 10th at 7ish PM. We could us the support and, of course, we'll all have a better time if the place is PACKED! Scott and I will be representing Old Town Outfitters in beautiful, trendy and happenin' Downtown Bikemont. In case you're wondering where you fit in, I'm here to tell you - You belong in Old Town, baby. And, just so you have the right song bouncing in the gray matter - here's a link to this week's anthem: Right Said Fred!

Wish me luck on losing 20 pounds before friday, Friday, FRIDAY!
PS - There will be fun for the kidinski's from 5 - 6pm at Old Town Outfitters. We'll be there with registration forms for the 2012 G'Knight Ride PLUS - a Special Winter Kids Bike Night, Game Night! We'll have games like "Paperboy" errr Paper-person, or whatever they're called now, plus some fun bike handling games, too. Come join us and then check out the Fashion in Action as well as all the other cool things happening downtown.