Tuesday, January 17, 2012

G'Knight Ride Registration is OPEN!

So the days are getting longer, well, not a lot longer, but mathematically, the days ARE getting longer. That means after our two snowiest months, February & March, plus one random blizzard (April) we'll be ready to ride! What better way to spend your easy going late April & May days than getting ready for the 2nd Annual G'Knight Ride!

This year we're bringing you a better course (with fewer turns), more food, awesome entertainment and lots of other cool things. We will also be adding a 1 mile toddler route.

Registrations are now open at a special low rate ($12/individual and $28/family). we are opening this early for those who participated last year, friends, family, and general Bicycle Longmont fans. The general public sale will open on February 15th at slightly higher rates - so register today!

The G'Knight Ride is a celebration of cycling, and is meant for cyclists of all ages, sizes, and abilities. The Ride is a great excuse to dust off that old 10-speed, mountain bike, or cruiser and hop on with 1,500+ other riders on a great evening tour.

So jump on this now and register. We'll be updating you about what's up with the G'Knight Ride on Thursdays & Tuesdays. We lots going on and you won't want to miss a minute. You can also follow the developments by following me at @mrbikenight or @gknightride.

To register head here.