Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Welcome to the Longmont Bike NIght Blogg

First let me say Welcome!

Second I'd like to let you in on a secret, this is going to be a really good way to stay up on what's going on with Bike Night!

If you're new to Bike Night or not sure what Bike Night is read on.

Bike Night is a loosely organized ride through Longmont Colorado. Bike Night has been going on now for about 3 years. Participation ebs and flows but generally is about 15 - 20 folks. Ages range from 20's to 60's. If you're old enough to ride and young enough to stay on, then you're probably just right for Bike Night.

Rides leave Roosevelt Park at 6:40 PM we meet at 6:30 PM. Fun is the name of the game. However, even fun has to follow a few rules. First, I try to go over a few rules of the road before we venture out. Second, we try to introduce ourselves, first names only, usually. Third I describe the route.

The route is generally 45 minutes long covers about 8 miles, and rarely exceeds 6 miles per hour. There is only one hill that might elevate your heart rate. That is the up from Longs Peak to the top of Sunset Hill near the water slide. The reward,besides a few extra burned calories, is a dramatic view of the front range, foothills and Sunset Golf Course. From here we zig zag back to the Eastside Neighborhood, through Roosevelt Park, around Collyer Park and through the traffic circle at Longs Peak and Collyer Street.

If you're late you can still join up. First ride west along 6th Avenue, or sit at Francis and Longs Peak Avenue. You'll see us eventually. If you're really late meet us at Abbodanza's outdoor patio. It is rarely crowded and the pizza is good too.

I'm hoping by now, that you've realized this ride isn't about qualifying for a century road ride, or a training ride for the Tour de France. No, this is a ride that lets you go at a comfortable pace and chat with a new friend, commiserate with neighbors or meet some other folks.

I hope you will join us!