Friday, February 25, 2011

the BIG announcement - Bicycle Longmont Film Fest!

Bicycle Longmont will hold a “mini-film festival” on Thursday April 14th, & Friday April 15th.

As we mentioned at our winter social, 2011 is going to be a big year for Bicycle Longmont and Cycling in Longmont. We hope you will pass the word and will help us by getting people to join us at both showings. Both movies are great and we're super excited to be showing them!

On Thursday, April 14th at 8pm Bicycle Longmont and the Dickens Opera House will present Ride the Divide. This movie has gotten great reviews and has played all over the world. We will have copies of the movie along with other Ride the Divide items for you to buy, too. This showing will be ages 21 & up.

To see the trailer go to

On Friday, April 15th, 7pm at Vance Brand Auditorium, (All Ages) Bicycle Longmont will show Bicycle Dreams. This is a documentary that follows cyclists as they race across America or RAM. RAM has a cult following and this documentary is incredible. Bicycle Dreams has won many awards including the Boulder International Film Festival in 2009. We are excited to be showing this movie.

To see the trailer go to

We are still in planning stages and many details remain to be worked out. However, we want you to start spreading the word and save the dates. Please join us! Bicycle Dreams will be an all ages show.

Proceeds from ticket sales will go to support the Bicycle Longmont Cruiser Fundraiser coming this Spring on June 18th and the Kids Holiday Bike Program.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Big Cruiser Ride Update

Big Cruiser Ride update:
As some of you might know Bike Night/Bicylce Longmont teamed with a promoter to help put on the big Cruiser Ride this summer. We are targeting , Saturday, June 18th for the ride. Our promoter is the same outfit that puts on and coordinates the Urban Assault Rides held all over the US, previously the New Belgium Fat Tire Festivals, and the new Diva Dash in Austin TX. We’re excited to be working with these guys.
Lastnight, they presented us with a budget for the big cruiser ride, which is why I’m writing this message to you. We want to make this event free for all to participate. In order to get the cruiser ride off the ground we need to raise money to promote and organize the event. We’re hoping to get one major sponsor and two to three other sponsors. Our promoter is confident they could get 1,000, upwards to 2,000 people to this event. That’s a lot of exposure.

My vision for this cruiser fundraiser is to have it annually. To bring people into Longmont and show them what an excellent town we have. The long term vision is to grow into a festival that was our way to kick off Colorado Bike Week. Think of it like the Sturgis/Interbike/Veloswap/Handcrafted Bike Show of Longmont/Northern Colorado.

But that is a few years down the trail.

First we have to have a successful first ride. I’m throwing this out there to the Bike Night nation because I know Bike Night draws from a eclectic crowd. We need to raise approximately $20,000. That’s a lot of cha-ching. However we’re hoping, as I mentioned, we could get upwards to 4 sponsors. Our major sponsor would get naming rights to the cruiser ride and the ubiquitous banners etc. This level would be in the neighborhood of $7,000-$10,000. The other levels would be $6,999 and less.

Bicycle Longmont and the Holiday Bike Program are the benefactors of the Ride. Bicycle Longmont is a 501-C3 and the Holiday Bike Program is Bicycle Longmont’s hallmark program. We estimate over 8,000 bikes have been given to area kids since 1988. In 2010, we gave away approximately 440 bikes and took in nearly 600 donated bikes. Those we didn’t give away to area children were brought to Community Cycles in Fort Collins and other non-profits.

If you have leads or are intouch with companies willing to donate money please have them email me at

Thanks for your kind consideration.