Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Old Town Tonight & Future Rides

We'll be cruising the streets of Old Town again tonight and will venture north next week. I've been doing some planning and here are the rides and, ready for this, "themes" for the remaining rides!

August 4 - Next week - We'll venture north to Perky's Coffee (formerly Snow Mtn. Creamery) - the theme will be "Grunge" so dawn your best Pearl Jam T-shirt and tapp into your teenage angst.
August 11 - Old Town Cruise & Kids Night at Roosevelt Park - Theme - Schoolhouse Rock
August 18 - Tastey Weasel - Pike Rd & Sunset Street - Theme - Redneck/White Trash
August 25th - Old Town Cruise - Theme Plaid
September 1st - Last official Greenway Ride - Left Hand Brewery - Theme - 70's & 80's
September 8th - Last BN - Old Town Cruise - Bike Night Celebration - Location TBA

Special Rides - Saturday, August 21st, Meet at Roosevelt Park for a Dinner Cruise @ 4pm.
Ride from Roosevelt Park to Lefthand Brewery for Happy Hour
Lefthand Greenway to Prospect and the Rib House for Dinner
Prospect - Ice Cream place for Dessert.
Back to Old Town and the Patio at the Dickens Tavern or the Roof at 7West for an after dinner bump.

August 29th - Bicycle Longmont - Day at the Rockies - Check out the Bicycle Longmont Page at

See you tonight!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Check this!

I ran across this link while trolling the website. The link is Kenny is riding his bike across the US - a single speed cruiser, btw. Donations to Kenny Do It will be used to raise awareness and support for better school lunches across our nation and for cancer research. Kenny was inspired by the need for preventative health care and to support/promote healthier lifestyles.

Sound familiar? That movement is what Bike Night is about too. Getting out, meeting your neighbors and pedaling around Longmont. A little exercise can go a long way.

So check out Kenny's website and see if he makes it to DC!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Great Night Lastnight - 60 riders rode into the sunset!

Here are a few photos from lastnight. Next week we'll keep with the Old Town cruising. Also - don't forget movies in the park at Thompson Park on Saturday - Fantastic Mr. Fox - AND the ColoRODans Car Show at Roosevelt on Sunday!

Have a great week!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wednesday - Old Town Ride

Tomorrow night we'll keep it local and stay within Old Town. We will meander from Roosevelt Park to the Sunset Overlook, take a 5 - 10 minute break and then cruise the long downhill to the Historic Eastside. Our stopping point has changed. We will now be stopping in the parking lot between 4th & 5th on Kimbark Street (behind The Great Frame Up).

Ha Det!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Strung out on the Greenway.

Lastnight about 50 people rode the greenway with us. We had a pretty good time, I think. Unfortunately your leader had to much coffee earlier in the day which translated into a lot o'spunk on the ride. As a result of my inappropriately applied spunk-itude, riders were strung out and atleast 3 groups formed and a couple of kids were separated from their parents. I apologize for this.

As a ride leader i'll do a better job of slowing the group down and letting folks get caught up. Also - from now on the rides will end in the parking lot located between 4th & 5th on Kimbark Street immediately behind the Great Frame Up. It's not an ideal ending point but atleast it's public property, unlike the gas station at 6th & Main Street.

Bike Night was booted from the gas station so boycott the gas station at 6th & Main.

Thanks to Rob for supplying the music lastnight and for hosting the 7pm wave. Next week we will return to Old Town and our usual route. Spread the word.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wednesday Night Ride and your Old Town Social Calendar

Tomorrow night we'll take to the Greenway again. I ran the length between Price Street and Golden Ponds and am pleased to report the greenway is open for business. On the return route folks can stop at Lefthand - if you plan to do so bring water or juice for the kiddos. The lefthand offers Izzes and water but that's it.

I'll take those wishing to continue, back to Old Town.

Social Calendar!
Tonight: the Concert in the Park series continues at Roosevelt Park
Tomorrow: Bike Night is on - We'll take to the Greenway out to Golden Ponds and back along the Greenway - Unless anyone has a better option - Bring water or juice for the kiddos. It's gonna be hot.
Thursday Night: The Fourth Avenue Concert series continues in Downtown Longmont
Friday: Rest and Recovery
Saturday: Movies in the Park - The Longmont Film Society plays movies at Thompson Park at dusk - cost is free
Sunday: I heard the Jazz Festival will be playing at Roosevelt Park
Wooo - then we're back to Monday....

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

100 People on a Rainy BIKE NIGHT!

91 did something else, which left about 9 of us on the streets tonight.

We had a great time chatting and splashing through the puddles. I hope everyone had a good evening and we'll see you next week. Same time, same place.

Rain or Shine - Bike Night is ON!

Tonight we'll recreate the ride lead by Randy, last week. We'll meet at the regular time. Don't forget about the 7pm wave too!

Tonight we'll drop down to the Greenway head west to Fairgrounds Lake, then back east to the new Martin Street extension. Should be fun. We'll end at 5th & Kimbark.