Thursday, July 15, 2010

Strung out on the Greenway.

Lastnight about 50 people rode the greenway with us. We had a pretty good time, I think. Unfortunately your leader had to much coffee earlier in the day which translated into a lot o'spunk on the ride. As a result of my inappropriately applied spunk-itude, riders were strung out and atleast 3 groups formed and a couple of kids were separated from their parents. I apologize for this.

As a ride leader i'll do a better job of slowing the group down and letting folks get caught up. Also - from now on the rides will end in the parking lot located between 4th & 5th on Kimbark Street immediately behind the Great Frame Up. It's not an ideal ending point but atleast it's public property, unlike the gas station at 6th & Main Street.

Bike Night was booted from the gas station so boycott the gas station at 6th & Main.

Thanks to Rob for supplying the music lastnight and for hosting the 7pm wave. Next week we will return to Old Town and our usual route. Spread the word.


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