Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wednesday Night Ride and your Old Town Social Calendar

Tomorrow night we'll take to the Greenway again. I ran the length between Price Street and Golden Ponds and am pleased to report the greenway is open for business. On the return route folks can stop at Lefthand - if you plan to do so bring water or juice for the kiddos. The lefthand offers Izzes and water but that's it.

I'll take those wishing to continue, back to Old Town.

Social Calendar!
Tonight: the Concert in the Park series continues at Roosevelt Park
Tomorrow: Bike Night is on - We'll take to the Greenway out to Golden Ponds and back along the Greenway - Unless anyone has a better option - Bring water or juice for the kiddos. It's gonna be hot.
Thursday Night: The Fourth Avenue Concert series continues in Downtown Longmont
Friday: Rest and Recovery
Saturday: Movies in the Park - The Longmont Film Society plays movies at Thompson Park at dusk - cost is free
Sunday: I heard the Jazz Festival will be playing at Roosevelt Park
Wooo - then we're back to Monday....

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