Monday, February 13, 2012

Those in the "know", know.

So G'Knight registration opened a few weeks ago for those "G'Knighter's who were in the know". This week (following Valentines Day) we will start advertising to the masses and will increase the registration accordingly. So, if you've got a sweetie, who would really like to do something fun on Father's Day weekend, a G'Knight Ride registration would be PERFECT!

Or say, you're a bit manipulative and want to 'engineer' a fun Father's Day weekend - that DOES NOT include golf - (not that there's anything wrong with Golf) you could grab a family registration and promise him, bikes, beer, & rock n' roll.

Why register early? Because it costs less, and we love people w
ho register early. Early registrations help us woo new sponsors by giving them HUGE numbers. We will have some awesome G'Knight announcements coming soon.

You can register by going here

Speaking of announcements we'll have a couple on Thursday - 2/16/2012. Yep, once again this year Thursdays will be our big announcement days.

Look forward to that, 'kay?


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