Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bike Night is back TOMORROW NIGHT!

Greetings Everyone!

Tomorrow’s our first Bike Night for the 2010 season!

I’m sending out this note to encourage you to show up a bit early - like maybe 10 minutes.

So far we have approximately 40 individuals and possibly 60 signed up for our first ride. The reason I’m encouraging you to show up a little early is to fill out an insurance form that is new for Bike Night and to limit the mayhem.

Over the winter, Bike Night joined forces with Bicycle Longmont, and, as a bonus, Bike Night is now covered by Bicycle Longmont’s event insurance. Like any insurance there is a form to fill out. The form is brief and necessary to cover you in case something bad happens on the ride. There is room on the form for your kid(s) too.
If filling out forms isn’t your thing, you can join Bicycle Longmont for $25. This membership gets you a membership to Bicycle Longmont and to the League of American Bicyclists. Once you’re a member you will only have to fill out the insurance form once all season. The membership to the League gets you information about everything cycling and you get two magazine subscriptions, first to Bicycling Magazine and the second, to the League’s magazine - American Cyclist.

You do not have to join Bicycle Longmont or fill out the insurance form to participate and enjoy Bike Night, however I encourage you to fill out the insurance form. Non-members of Bicycle Longmont will need to fill out an insurance form prior to each ride. The insurance covers you in case something bad happens to you, your kid(s) or in case you or your kid(s) cause something bad to happen to someone else. If you choose to ride without the insurance you will be on your own if something happens to you, your kid(s) or, you or your kid(s)cause something bad to happen to someone else.

We’ve been really lucky nothing bad has happened during Bike Night, but as the group grows larger the risk grows too, so it seemed necessary to get event insurance. I hope people aren’t discouraged from riding with us. The insurance is free, you just need to fill out the form prior to each ride, or become a member of Bicycle Longmont ($25) and fill the form out just once.

Buzz will be on hand to answer questions about Bicycle Longmont memberships.

While we’re on the topic of safety – PLEASE, impress upon your kid(s) that this ride is not a race and they should stay within ear shot or within eyesight of you.

Despite this rather formal message Bike Night is an informal ride around Old Town and occaisionally, the greenway!

This is going to be a great season of cycling in Longmont – We will have some announcements of upcoming rides tomorrow night!