Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kids Ride Success!

Lastnight's second annual Fleming Kids Night was a success. Many took part who otherwise might have been in trailers, tag-a-longs, trail-a-bikes or tandems. The start of the kids ride confused some riders who showed up at the regular spot. Sorry. Everything worked itself out in the end.

After the kids took their turn roaming the streets the adults and older kids took off around Old Town. We rode the usual route through the Westside to the Eastside. Stops were shorter due to the later start time. In all it was a beautiful night in Old Town. The heat broke in time for the ride.

Next week we'll take on the St. Vrain and Lefthand Greenway's as we ride out to the Tastey Weasel. Lights are advisable for this ride. Our theme will be Redneck Cruiser Ride - so have fun with that!

Thanks to everyone who took the School House Rock theme on lastnight!

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