Monday, August 23, 2010

Trippin' Old Town this week!

Hey All,

Thanks and a big SAH-lute to those who made the trek to Oskar Blues Brewery/Tastey Weasel. We had a great time and about 39 people made the ride a blast! If you're tracking your miles and you made it the whole way our route was approximately 13 miles. So give yourself a pat on the back!

This week we'll be bringing it back to Old Town. The theme this week is Plaid. Any show-tune types might want to do "Forever Plaid". Anyway We're bringing the plaid to Old Town.

Come out and join us. There are only two more rides after Wednesday. (That's 3 total including Wednesday). Next week we'll venture to the Lefthand one last time and then wrap things up the following Wednesday with a feast of Pizza somewhere. If you know cool employers looking to give away schwag - let me know. We have two less bike shops so I'm expecting things to be slimmer this year.

So, see you Wednesday at 6:30pm, @ Roosevelt and we'll Ride.


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