Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's Cooler than Cool?


Tonight was a cool ride around Longmont with 100 or so super cool people.

We threw a little curve ball by doing the ride backward. First we went east and then west. We tried out a new ending point which, I don't think worked out so well. As you might have heard Bike Night was booted from the Gas 4 Less parking lot, oh well. Next week the starting point will be the same and the ending point will be the parking lot on Kimbark between 4th & 5th Avenues.

Randy will be the ride leader and you'll get to stretch your legs on the greenway! Rob will lead the 7pm wave. Tonight we had approximately 100+/- riders.

The 7pm wave had 4-6 folks. That's a solid start. Especially considering the first Bike Night had only that many. So, it's up to everyone to pass the word and get those folks who wold like to ride later to show up for the 7pm wave.

Tonight we had several first timers too. These folks are pictured above!

Thanks all for helping to make Bike Night - super cool!

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