Saturday, May 26, 2012

This Wednesday is Hawaiian Shirt Night!

Thanks to all the folks who recommended themes for this year's ride. I've created a Bike Night Calendar and listed the themes by dates. All themes were suggested by Bike Night riders! We still need a few more for August and September.

The Calendar also allows you to volunteer to lead a Bike Night Ride if you like. Don't worry I won't throw you into the deep end. I'll meet with you prior to talk about leading and what that entails. I'll also be posting the Bike Night "Script" for volunteer leaders for your speech to the crowd. If you're not comfortable with public speaking I can do that for you, or, we'll enact the "Boulder Departure" which is "follow the Music Box". Either way volunteer leaders must discuss the Bike Night rules with the kids, by pulling them aside prior to the ride.

Our first will be Hawaiian Shirt Night. I will add a tab to this blog for themes. On that page you will be able to suggest themes and ways to improve Bike Night. Should be cool. Rjk

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