Monday, July 25, 2011

YEEEHAW! Wild West Wednesday & Your Weekly Run Down!


This week is Wild West Wednesday! Come in yer best duds, chaps, boots & hats, life is good. It's also the kick off to the Boulder County Fair this week. So - I guess - Wild West Wednesday is appropriate. I couldn't have planned it better if I tried.

Last week we dipped under 100 riders for the first time since May 25th. Depending on how you count it that was either the first or the second Bike Night of the 2011 Season. We had 96 people join us last week. Lets see if we can bump it back up over 100.

We will make our way to the greenway for the first time this season. Usually by now we would have been there several times. However, with the worlds longest run off ending and the heavy rains giving way to the Dog Days of August, the Mighty St. Vrain is finally within its banks.

Wednesday we'll meet at 6:30pm at the Senior Center make our way to Bowen Street then south to the St. Vrain Greenway. We'll head west to Golden Ponds Park and then back east to Martin Street and into Old Town ending somewhere on Kimbark Street.

We will pass by the Lefthand Brewery so I'm sure there will be a contingent of Bike Nighters stopping off there. For the rest of us we'll continue on to Martin Street. This will be a fairly easy out and back ride.

So - This week is crazy busy in Longmont here's your weekly run-down.

The LAST Concert at Roosevelt Park for the season .
Tuesday, July 26 6:30 -8pm, Roosevelt Park

Rebecca Folsom Band – I’ve been looking forward to this Concert all summer. Hope for hot temps and lots of wind to keep the Mosquitoes at bay.

Wednesday July 27th – BIKE NIGHT – Theme – Wild West

Howdy Partners & Mams, we’re heading to the greenway for the first time this season. Git yer giddy-up and come on along. We’ll go west to Golden Ponds then east to Martin Street. The Lefthand Brewery will be on the way so feel free to stop in. If the Lefthand isn’t your thing then stay on the greenway to Martin Street. We’ll get you back to Old Town without having to climb those annoying hills.

Also on July 27, 7pm – 8pm at the Longmont Museum
Southern Exposure will be playing. They are a talented Bluegrass band.

There is also a Farmer's Market at Lefthand on Wednesday, too!

July 28, 10:30 – 11:15am – Longmont Library

Colin O'Brien - Bluegrass Banjo

Kick off to the ColoRODan Weekend
July 29, 5:30 – 8:30,

Car Show on Kimbark 5pm to 8:30pm
Bicycle Longmont Bike Valet Service. 6pm – 8:30pm.
Music 7pm – 8:30pm, 4th Avenue Downtown
Flash Cadillac (Classic Rock)

July 30th
Boulder County Fair Parade & Chuckwagon Breakfast

Breakfast starts at 6am ends at 10am.

After your hearty breakfast head on down to the Farmer's Market, Bicycle Longmont will be there providing free Bicycle Valet (parking) service between 8am & 2pm. (We'll give you an extra 50% off if you bring extra bacon and/or sausage).

ColoRODan Main Street Cruise-in 6pm – 11pm.
Bicycle Longmont/Bike Night cruise starting at 7pm. Meet at Roosevelt Park near the Senior Center

July 31st

ColoRODan Car Show and music at Roosevelt Park, Food Trucks etc.

Then we’re back to Monday……

In addition to all of these events there are a multitude of organized Bicycle Longmont Events on our Meetup page. You can check it out at

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