Friday, July 29, 2011

Saturday July 30th - ColoRODan - Cruise In - Bike Night will be there

Hey there,

I forgot to mention on Wednesday about a couple of cool Saturday rides.

The first is tomorrow night at 7pm. We'll take to the Street under the steady guidance of Randy Burgess. We'll cruise Main Street with over 400 custom hot rods. We will meet at Roosevelt Park in front of the Senior Center, 910 Longs Peak Avenue, same place Bike Night meets.

Longmont's own custom & antique car club "the ColoRODans" will hold their "cruise in". We're going to join them - unofficially. We have plenty of custom and antique looking bikes out there so bring yours or whatever you ride. We'd like to put the custom bikes up front and on the back end of the cruise.

If you've ever wanted to cruise Main Street this is gonna be the time.

Next Weekend August 6th - Will be another chance to cruise. This time between Prospect & Niwot. Race Across AMerica (RAAM) is hold their first Race Across America Challenge in Longmont. There will be races leaving on Friday night August 5th from Prospect and will return on Saturday August 6th. This new Challenge series will be the next "Rock N Roll" style series for cycling. If you are into running then you might be familiar with the Rock N Roll Marathon series.

RAAM has partnered with Bicycle Longmont to do the Cruiser Ride between Prospect and Niwot. This ride will be a lot of fun. We're hoping the families of the RAAM event will join us and as awesome Longmont cycling enthusiasts we'll show them a good time.

The Cruiser Ride is free and will begin at 6pm in Prospect. We'll leave from Prospect Park near Tenacity and 100 Year Party. Our Route will take us through Prospect and adjacent neighborhoods to the new LOBO trail. Expect a 10.5 mile round trip cruise. Lights would be a good idea.

Have a great weekend!

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