Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bike Night is back on Wednesday Night!

I look forward to this post each year.

I have a check list that gets me ready for Bike Night -
Bike - Check
Tag-a-long - Check
Bike bell - Check
Bike upgrades-
- cup holder - check
- light - not yet - but soon
- new seat - not yet - but soon

Good friends - CHECK!

This year we're going to try something new. Over the years more than one or two people have asked to move the time to 7pm. So we'll give it a go. Every third Wednesday we'll meet at 7pm rather than the usual 6:30pm. We'll probably get rolling around 7:15pm. The dates for these "late start nights" will be June 15th, July 20th, and August 17th.

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!
The other new thing we're adding is a Saturday Night cruiser ride. Stay tuned for future dates. We're shooting for one Saturday each month, beginning in June. Dates TBA.

Where Did Bike Night Come From?

I hope you're looking forward to the first bike night of our 8th year as much as I am. Last year we started the season with over 70 people. That number continued through June - by the end we had an average of 75 people per ride. Our largest was 134 riders. Not bad! I can remember just a few short years ago when 5-10 people was an excellent turn out.

Bike Night started as a way for my wife and I to get to know our neighbors and other people who wanted to ride around town in a fun and friendly way. We were somewhat nervous about riding in traffic and basically wanted an excuse to get ice cream. So we started riding around. It seemed like folks always appreciated others on cruiser bikes.

Andrea and I would ride through old town to Dairy Queen and down to Lefthand Brewery. We enjoyed getting to know other cyclists we'd meet and we also liked talking to folks about our bikes. Turns out there were a lot of other people who enjoyed doing the same things.

After a visit down the road to Boulder for the Thursday Night cruiser ride, I challenged Pete at Acme BIkes to start a shop ride on Wednesdays. Without a beat he turned it around and said "Why don't you?"


So after about a month of talking it over with friends Bike Night began in June 2003. Since then we've had the times of our lives on two wheels.

I hope you'll come join us on Wednesday May 18th at 6:30pm. We meet at Roosevelt Park near the Senior Center.


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