Thursday, May 26, 2011

65 Riders Literally Rang in the 9th Season of BIke NIght

Lets face it, last Wednesday was the first Bike Night of our 9th season. However with the conditions being what they were, I'd say LASTNIGHT, was the real first Bike Night. So, all you trivia buffs, somewhere in the future I'm probably going to ask " What year were there two "first" Bike Nights - the answer will be 2011.

Anyway, if you missed us lastnight, never fear, we'll be back next week at 6:30pm. Plus we'll be giving away ANOTHER gift certificate! This time for a free one hour massage! More to follow. I know we really don't need gimmicks like give aways to get people to spend some time spinning through Old Town, but, hey - Why not!

Lastnight we had 65 riders. That is an excellent turn out by any measure. We were lucky enough to have a reprieve from the rain, gloom and clouds. I don't think the weather could have been much better! Fun was had by all.

There were a number of first time riders, too. I had an opportunity to talk to most of these folks. It was fun and interesting to hear how they heard about BIke Night. My favorite answers were: "My friends won't shut up about it" and "You guys have passed my house every week for the last 8 years. So, I finally decided, "What the hell, so I bought this bike at the Pawn Shop and here I am."

Have you heard a better story? I think not!

The point is: Whatever brings you to Bike Night, persistent cruisers, obnoxious friends, whatever it is, you'll be welcome here! So get off the porch, off the couch, out of your car and join us this summer. To borrow a phrase I just read in Bicycling Magazine - It's about Exhilaration not acceleration. Bike NIght.


kelly said...

so happy for the turn out and the good weather. I WILL be there June 1. Did you say massage??!! I'm in the market for one!

Kragerud said...

I'll also read the Renga, too. I forgot about that last night.... Sorry to my collaborators.