Monday, July 29, 2013

Attention SUPER HEROES & Super Kids!

Happy Monday!

The Theme for this week’s Bike Night is SUPER HEROES! Plus we will have Kid’s Night Bike Night!

We will meet for SUPER HERO Bike Night at 6:30pm. HOWEVER – Kid’s Night will precede the regular Bike Night at 6pm. If you show up earlier, that’s OK.

Kid’s Night Bike Night is a long standing tradition that goes back to 2009. At that time one of Bike Night’s regular families proposed a night where kids could play bike games and learn to ride safely.

Since then Kid’s Night Bike Night has grown and become a lot of fun. We now offer Kid’s Night closer to the beginning of the school year. My goal through Bike Night is to get more families riding together and to get more kid’s riding safely to school.

This is the reason Bike Night asks that kids ride on the street and learn to signal turns and be aware of what’s going on around them. Kid’s Bike Night focuses on teaching kids to ride together, ride safely, and to have fun!

Kid’s Night will begin at 6:00pm. Games will follow and will conclude with a mini- cruise around the  neighborhood. The mini-cruise will go from the Times Call Parking  lot around Thompson Park and back.

Games will include a few Bike Rodeo activities plus Bike Night favorites:
1.      Rock Dodge
2.      Newspaper Delivery
3.      Riding in a group.
4.      Helmet Check
5.      ABC- Quick Checks
6.      Straight – line riding
7.      Calling turns and working on stopping.
8.      Plus much more!

There will be a Kid's Cruiser Ride beginning at 6:20ish.

Lastly – we are fielding a team we’re calling TEAM BIKE NIGHT! If you’d like to be a part of the Bike Night organizing group let me know. I’m hoping to do trainings during the August Bike Nights that will enable more people to be Bike Night leaders next year!

See you Wednesday!

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