Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bike Night Sets New First Night Record!

Last week was probably one of the most fun Bike Nights I've been a part of. We had a record number of elementary kids on the ride, and they kept eachother in line! It was awesome!

Please parents, continue talking about bike safety with your kids! The kids were great last week. GOOD JOB!

Speaking of records, we had more than 213 people join us on the first Bike Night. The early rain came and went leaving us the opportunity to ride the streets of Old Town in style!

We had the first ride with the new audio rocket. We're making a few changes to it that will limit the disruption of audio goodness. Tomorrow night the good times will roll!

As for our route - we will hit up the East Side! We'll start at Roosevelt Park, creep down Pratt to 4th Avenue then into the new alley. From there we will meander east to Rocky Mountain School, then back west.

This route uses primarily neighborhood streets with a brief time on Longs Peak Avenue. If you're curious about the route, click on the tab above that shows all our routes.

Also - new this year. Feel free to post your favorite routes. The only rule is that the route has to be 6 - 8 miles, with a Roosevelt Park starting point.

See you tomorrow night!


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