Thursday, April 18, 2013

4 Weeks til BIKE NIGHT!

We are just four weeks until the new  10th season of Bike Night begins. Between now and then I’ll be posting things you can do to get yourself AND your family ready for BIKE NIGHT!

This week focus on bike safety with your kids.

Make time at dinner, riding in the car, or waiting in line to talk about bike safety. Start by asking “What does it mean to be safe when biking?” Some answers can be, wear a helmet or ride on the correct (right) side of the road. Another question could be “When riding on the street should we ride in the bike lane or on the sidewalk?” The answer to this is we should always ride in the Bike Lane)  whenever one is available or on the street, with kids, staying to the right as is safe.

My favorite question is “What are the rules of Bike Night”?

  1. Have fun!
  2. Kids in the bike lane!
  3. Is Bike Night a race? (NO!)
  4. What do we say if there’s a car BEHIND US? (Car BACK!)
  5. What do we say if there’s a car INFRONT of us? (CAR UP!)
  6. If there is a car back, we MUST move over to the right and let the car pass.
  7. If there is a car up, we MUST move over to our right and let the car pass.
  8. Do we ride all over the road? (NO) We must stay in our lane and never cross the yellow or white lines.
  9. Should we stop at stop signs? (YES!)
  10. Should we ride on the sidewalk during Bike Night? (NO! Never, ever ride on the sidewalk).
  11. The last rule of Bike Night – Tell your friends and neighbors to join us EVERY Wednesday!

Have fun and lets hope this snow melts, SOON!

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