Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bike Night Kids NIght: Late Breaking News

There are a lot of things going on tomorrow night. First I understand many schools have their "Back to School" nights tomorrow and Art In Public Places has their bike rack dedication at Sunset Pool, plus we're having Kids Night at Bike Night.

NORMALLY, this would be the run down for tomorrow night:
5:30 - 6:30 Kids Bike Night: Game Night @ Lincoln School located at Bowen Street & Lincoln School
6:45 Bike Rack Dedication ride begining at Roosevelt Park.

7pm - regular start
to Bike Night (tomorrow night is the 3rd Wednesday and that means late start)

So here's what we're going to do: We want to support Art in Public Places and those who need to start Bike Night Later.

If you'd like to ride to the
bike rack dedication meet at Roosevelt Park prior to 6:45. There will be someone there to lead the group to Sunset Pool. Following the dedication there will be a fun cruise around Old Town. (If you'd like to be the person leading the dedication ride send me a message on Facebook or comment here).

The kids will meet at 5:30pm and do their Game Night between 5:30 & 6:30, followed by a mini- cruise. The mini-cruise will go from Lincoln School to Roosevelt Park via 6th Avenue to Bross Street south to 5th Avenue by Thompson Park then over to Roosevelt Park via Pratt Street.

We will then circle Roosevelt Park to 8th Avenue, Bross Street, 6th Avenue and back to Lincoln School. During that time we will most likely meet the "Dedication Group". Feel free to jump into that group and continue your ride through Old Town.

There will be a break between the games ending ant the Kid's Cruiser Ride beginning. At that time if you'd like bail and go to the dedication, feel free to do so. The Dedication Riders should be passing about the time we finish with the game portion of the night. The dedication will be a lot of fun and I hear there maybe snacks.

Make sense?

So, Short update:
Kids = 5:30, Lincoln School
Dedication Ride to Sunset Pool= 6:45, Roosevelt Park
Kids Cruiser Ride = Following the game night at Lincoln School, Longs Peak & Bowen Street.


Stephanie said...


cuz we love you! Will get a pick of all the bikers riding through the alley next time.

Kragerud said...

Our Last Bike Night is this Wednesday - We'll Rock the Art Alley one, last, time!

6:30p Roosevelt - 6:45 through the Alley.