Thursday, June 09, 2011

Bike Night Sets New Firsts

Lastnight was a night of firsts for Bike Night.

Until this week I had never thought anyone would be married on Bike Night. I was honored when Randy Burgess and Libby Taylor asked me to “officiate” their wedding. Randy & Libby were officially married earlier, however their love for eachother, biking and Bike Night lead them to renew their vows publicly.

Congratulations to Libby and Randy - may you ride many miles together!

Last night beat our biggest ride ever. The largest ride prior to lastnight was 110, on the same night one year ago.

Will it be the same next week? I hope so!

Next week the ride will start at 7pm. This is to let those folks who commute home have a chance to get to the ride. Our next 7pm ride will be July 20th. If you have friends or co-workers who can’t make 6:30p let them know we’ll meet at 7pm, start at 7:15, and will be going to the St.Vrain Greenway – unless it’s flooding.

Thanks for a great week, see you next Wednesday at 7pm. I see you on the greenways, at the Farmer’s Market or around town first!

Don’t forget to register for the G’Knight Ride, too! I’m excited that such an amazing event is coming to fruition. Check out for more information!


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