Friday, March 04, 2011

Update: Rolling On!

We're moving forward. This has been a great last two weeks. We've had a lot of great community support. I'd like to thank the Times-Call for the great article they printed on Monday. The article did a great job describing where we're at and what we're trying to accomplish.

From that article and from the buzz over our film series, we've had quite a few people take interest in our little endeavor. We've done some great fundraising and we've still got a little way to go.

Today I got off the phone with the film guys and just received the artwork for our posters. Expect to see those online and at your local bike shop, soon. I'll also have them on all of our sites, pages, and blogs. If you'd like to have a copy of either the Ride the Divide Poster or Bicycle Dreams poster I'll send one with the Longmont info on it, digitally. We're sort of launching a guerilla marketing campaign.

We want to pack the Dickens and Vance Brand. By the way - Vance Brand has 1,375 seats. So, We, Me and You have some work to do.

I hope you all have a great weekend and I'll be back next week with another update!


Bruce said...

where can we get posters to bring to our favorite bike shop to help increase awareness / attendance

Kragerud said...

We are trying to find a printer and then we'll have them available. We'll have a digital file you can download and print on 8.5x11 in the next week. That should be available on our website. I'm not sure how to post downloadable files to the blog.

Thanks, Bruce

Ryan Kragerud