Friday, January 23, 2009

Oskar Blues and the Silo

Well, I hope you're not tuning in for late breaking news, but if you are, Bike Night will have a new destination this year. I was out doing some recon along the Greenway this week thanks to the almost 70 degree days. Anyway, Oskar Blues will be opening at the old silo this spring. That means we will be doing atleast a couple rides from Old Town to Oskars. Being that Oskars will be at the intersection of Hover and Ken Pratt Blvd. I wanted to see if there was a reasonably safe way to get there. My friends, there is. Left Hand Greenway/trail connects to a concrete paved sidewalk/trail at Hover. We travel along the sidewalk north until we reach Pike then cross over to the west side.

Good times!

Until next time; Have it good.

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Melis said...

We're thinking of doing some promotional stuff to draw attention to the Tasty Weasel so I figured you would be a good place to start. Give a shout man, cheers!