Thursday, September 04, 2008

Last Night

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, all.

First I need to send a big shout out to Kelly Sanseverino for helping make the 5th year of Bike Night so successful. Kelly volunteered in February long before the snow melted to help lead rides. I cannot thank her enough.

Second to all of Longmont's Bike Shops. Blue Sky Bikes - TJ thanks for your undying support, and to Pete at Acme bikes likewise. Pete sends folks out the door with info on BIke Night. I appreciate that. Buzz at High Gear thank you for your support too. Thanks also to Bike N' Hike for posting the big ol poster and letting your customers know about Bike Night.

This year we had a new sponsor for the last ride. Oskar Blues donated two flats of beer. Old Chub and the local fav Dales Pale Ale. IF you haven't tried them you owe it to yourself to go get some. Dales supports the local bike scene in a big way, check out their blog at

Finally the last word on our 5th season. When I was a neighborhood organizer in Minneapolis my mentor told me that 90% of people are out for themselves and 10% of people think about everyone else before themselves. These are the folks who will do whatever needs to be done whenever its needed. I'm convinced through Bike Night I've gotten to know that 10% of Longmont. The folks who take part in Bike Night are some of the nicest, most personable and interesting people I've met. We've had folks who were line chefs in our local restaurants, to executives, to new parents, to boomer retirees who were finally able to get rid of their kids.

So if you want to meet some interesting folks and make great friends. Be sure to visit your local bike shop next spring, visit this blog, and you will find out when we'll start again.

In the meantime I'm planning a Halloween ride that is tentatively set for October 25th. Keep checking back for more information. And check your local bike shop for posters!

I also update a Facebook Page and have made a photo album of Bike Night. Check it out by following this link.

And Part Deux here


Anonymous said...

All the photos rock! I really need to find my camera. I'm going to start thinking of a costume for Halloween!
Also, have always wanted to do that Moonlight year...

Ryan, Andrea & Anna, THANK YOU for a grand time at your home Wed night! Good times.

What a fantastic Bike Night season! Lots of regulars, always new faces, young & old. For every crazy weather night (tornado warnings, black skies, high winds & rain) we also had our share of glorious sunshine evenings, even rainbows to boot! Not to mention all the blizzards & beers I consumed along the way.
*A special personal thanks to Wes! He fixed my chain twice...I promise I'll learn a few things about bike maintenance before next season!

We made so many new friends this year...Lila loves to see people out on their bikes & trailers asking if they are our Bike Night friends. Maybe next year she'll be on the tagalong and I'll have a lighter load.

Until next time...

Ryan your kind words were much appreciated; it was my pleasure, honor and sometimes embarrassment to help lead the rides!

Melis said...

Ryan, glad you guys had fun...we're looking forward to joining you fools sooner than later. I remembered where I'd met you before...via a Lyons Fat Tire Festival ride you taught me to carry spare cleat bolts in place of water bottle bolts. Be Well.

Annie said...

Hi Ryan, sorry we missed the last ride, looks like you had some good shwag this year. - but you always do.

We'll we see you guys tonight at the Left Hand Brewery? it's our last outdoor movie for the year - we are showing a documentary "Air Guitar Nation" - should be fun. contest for best air guitar after the movie - the prize is free Danzig tickets!

Hope to see you guys - come join us for a beer or 2 or 3
Bring a chair! (maybe a blanket)
gates open at 6:30 - movie starts when it gets dark