Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Bike Night is back. Tonight was our first ride of the 2008 Season. Thanks to everyone who rode along. We picked up folks along the way, too. Always fun to have more folks. Thanks to our new first timers Darrin, Debby, and Rheese, Steve and Eddie (sweet cruisers), Christianna and her dad, Wes, Brodie and Tiffany. I'll be bringing the digital camera along on future rides so we'll post more photos later.

Check out the new 2008 Poster. Yep that's my great-uncle clay there on the cover. He's suave and quite the prankster and avid Twins Fan. He's the perfect face for Bike Night 2008.

This year we'll mix things up a bit. I'll be posting to the blog more often and riders will get to shape the ride. We've been doing the same course for the past 5 years. I won't say it's getting old but, it's pretty predictable. This year we'll try and get down to the greenway and maybe have a ride that could include the Lefthand and the brand spankin' new Dales Brewery on Pike Road. Both are accessible (relatively) on the greenway. - sorta.

Thanks to all who showed up and made this a great kick off!

Also there will be other great things happening this year - but that's my hook - so keep checking back. If you don't see anything new - post something - you can keep this blog fresh too.

Til next time. Ryan


getinlost said...

Dude! I've got this blog in my feed list so that I would know when the ride was starting again. But I guess you couldn't be bothered to post that! Just kidding! (sorta) I'm glad it was a good ride and we'll try to catch up with you guys another week.

Kragerud said...

Dude. I'm sorry

Kragerud said...

PS. Your skull and cross wrenches are kinda scary.